The week of the Mediterranean Diet - EXPO, September 14th-20th, 2015
In accordance with the decision made in Cyprus in 2014 during the Fourth Intergovernmental Meeting, Italy was assigned the one-year role of coordinating all the valorization and promotion activities related to the Mediterranean Diet, as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, realized by the seven Countries (Spain, Morocco, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Portugal and Italy) that are included in the element safeguard and promotion network.

During the work sessions held in Milan on February, 7th 2015 at Expo of Ideas, Table no. 13 suggested the realization of a week consecrated to the Mediterranean Diet. The proposal was later approved and ratified during the Fifth Intergovernmental Meeting held in Athens on April, 20th 1015. Therefore, the week dedicated to the MD took place at EXPO, Milan, last September, from 14th to 20th.

Several conferences, round tables, forums, cooking shows, talk shows as well as activities suitable for kids and children were organized at Ministry of agriculture, food and forestry policies area, Italian Pavilion, Bio-Med Cluster and UE Pavilion during the above mentioned week. The program of the events is attached.

In addition to the Extraordinary Meeting of the delegates of the seven Countries, held last September, 17th, an International Day of the MD was organized in cooperation with Imperia International MD Forum the day after (September, 18th). The well-structured program consisted of events and work sessions whose main actors were the emblematic communities and the civil and scientific communities as well.

The MD Values Chart was launched in such a framework. The Chart has the main purpose of both building a network of MD communities and a governance model by providing specific tools to the local communities interested in implementing the element safeguarding measures for the future.

The Italian Ministry of agriculture, food and forestry policies, with the Interdepartmental Working Group set up last March, 2015, coordinated the week program schedule organized by the following subjects: Imperia International MD Forum, CIHEAM Bari, CNR, CREA, ENEA, Mediterranean Cultures Forum/FAO, Bio-Med Cluster, Legambiente, “Angelo Vassallo” MD Studies Centre, University of Rome “Unitelma” La Sapienza, University of Naples “Suor Orsola Benincasa”/MedEatResearch, University “Luiss Guido Carli”, Confimi Association, Neapolitan Pizza Makers Association, Pizza Verace Association, Città dell’Olio Association, Pollica Municipality, Pantelleria Island Municipality.

Date Published:
Oct 27, 2015
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