The 3rd Mediterranean Diet Fair (MDF) is a high point for the celebrations of the recognition by UNESCO, on December 4th of 2013, of this heritage element; it is a major annual event, part of the approved Safeguarding Convention, signed up by seven countries, including Portugal.

Regional and national attention towards the Mediterranean Diet Fair is high and rising as it represents an added economic and environmental value for traditional products, while showing educational and pedagogical concerns aiming the transmission of this cultural heritage to future generations.

In this 3rd MDF, the lifestyle that we want to defend, preserve and spread will be in the highlights throughout its most outstanding elements: advices on public health, nutrition and cardiology, environmental education, enhancement of cultural and natural heritage, genetic inheritance, flora, landscapes, monuments, ethnography and music, Fado, Flamenco and Mediterranean dances, exhibitions, "the playground", cuisine and flavours, socializing and sharing around the table, healthy lifestyles and friendship.

This year the MDF will host the SlowMed International Festival, an ENPI joint project gathering Portugal, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine. This event will bring to Tavira nearly one hundred foreign guests, who will promote gastronomic shows, documentaries, seminars and public debates, aiming to encourage the preservation and conservation of the gastronomic, cultural and artistic heritage of the Mediterranean; promote gastronomy as a cultural and artistic expression that allows Mediterranean people to come together; stimulate economic, cultural and institutional cooperation in the subject of Mediterranean Diet, Culture and Art.

The Mediterranean diet is part of the Portuguese collective identity and culture, a millenary heritage bequeathed to us by the ancient Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs.

This lifestyle integrates a healthy diet already recognized by the WHO and, according with FAO, "environmentally friendly" products are valuable assets that we should know and use.

In Tavira, representative community of Portugal, a Mediterranean universe in the shape of a market fraternally waits for you, your family and your friends.

Welcome everyone to the 3rd Mediterranean Diet Fair!


Date Published:
Aug 19, 2015
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