Expo Milano 2015 - Attractive territories for a sustainable world
Attractive territories for a sustainable world is the title of the KIP International School Pavilion. It means that to feed the planet, governments, businesses and associations need to invest, above all, in local development. They must invest in and give value to the territory where people live and work together so they can produce the healthy and appropriate food they need.

The pavilion’s title also signifies that territories must be attractive, so that people will choose to live there because of the dynamism of the economy, the quality of services,  the beauty of the natural environment, the richness of culture and history and, especially, because people can participate in choosing their development priorities, thanks to governments and local institutions that work effectively. The contribution of the KIP International School is thus of fundamental importance for developing the overall theme of Expo Milano 2015, given that present economic development trends, unfortunately, produce mass migration of people from rural areas to cities in search of better living conditions.

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Date Published:
Feb 11, 2015
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