The 2nd Mediterranean Diet Fair in Tavira
On 5-7 September, 2014, the Ministry of Rural Development and Food of the Hellenic Republic and CIHEAM - MAI Chania participated as Coordinators, at the 2nd Mediterranean Diet Fair held in the town of Tavira, Portugal, one of the Emblematic Communities which inscribed Mediterranean Diet as Intangible Cultural Heritage (UNESCO’s Representative list).

As we all know the Mediterranean Diet embraces all people living in the Mediterranean basin. Thus, it is common belief that Mediterranean countries in the passage of the historical time have formed a common nutritional culture. Beyond states and regions, the most important thing that we must keep in mind is that this nutritional model is associated with history, tradition, local products, traditional cuisine and everyday life. The importance of the Mediterranean Diet is that it encompasses more than just food. It promotes social interaction, since communal meals are the cornerstone of social customs and festive events. It has given rise to a considerable body of knowledge, songs, maxims, tales and legends. The system is rooted in respect of the territory and biodiversity, and ensures the conservation and development of traditional activities and crafts linked to fishing and farming in the Mediterranean communities of which Tavira is Emblematic Community.

The fair was a celebration of the Mediterranean Diet having been considered Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. The Camara Municipal de Tavira organized this festival in order to promote the Mediterranean Diet and was ceremonially opened by the Hon. Minister for State and Regional Development.

Date Published:
Nov 05, 2014
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