CIHEAM-Bari and FAO have started since 2010 an ambitious and multifaceted cooperation programme on food systems sustainability and sustainable diets in the Mediterranean area. The Mediterranean diet is currently studied by CIHEAM-Bari and FAO as a case study for the assessment of the sustainability of dietary patterns in the Mediterranean area.

The joint organisation of the International Workshop on “Guidelines for the Sustainability of the Mediterranean Diet” (November 2011, Bari) and the International Seminar on “The Sustainability of Food Systems in the Mediterranean Area” on the occasion of the 9th  Meeting of the CIHEAM Ministers of Agriculture, held in September 2012 in Malta, represented important milestones of this strong collaboration.

Another relevant step of this collaboration was the joint preparation of the White Paper "Mediterranean food consumption patterns: diet, environment, society, economy and health" of the fifth thematic priority of the Feeding Knowledge Project in the framework of EXPO Milan 2015.  

White paper

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