Activities of the emblematic communities that contribute to the protection and the promotion of the MD among young generations

Actions inside and/or outside each of the seven countries

  • A conference organized every two years by the competent bodies in collaboration in a different region/city, which may include scientific workshops, cooking classes based on Mediterranean cuisines by world-renowned chefs, stalls with similar products for tasting, and parallel environmental, artistic activities/events such as: painting exhibitions, environment, traditional dance, revival of traditions and customs, etc. based on the MD. It may be useful to have a specific conference theme within the context of the MD.
  • Organisation of a yearly MD Festival in Emblematic Communities with conferences, cultural events, exhibitions of traditional agricultural products of the region, official meetings among the representatives of the Emblematic Communities, a ceremony in order to appoint the a Young Ambassador of the MD for the year, etc.  
  • Empowering other communities to aid in the participation of the network of MD Emblematic Communities
  • Events in regions that produce PDO products. The events will have cultural, entertainment and educational character, while special emphasis will be placed on Mediterranean gastronomy.
  • Cooperation with women’s cooperatives, non-profit associations and other organizations with related activities.
  • Exploration of free publicity actions
  • Raising awareness through participation in relevant events which may be related to the MD
  • Exploring sponsorships from organizations with related activities, NGOs and companies in the context of corporate social responsibility
  • Cooperation with other Ministries (including Health, Environment, Education, etc.) in order to fund and undertake initiatives for the MD as an integral part of the culture
  • Cooperation with known chefs’ clubs in order to organize events at their branches abroad in collaboration with Embassies and Ministries of F.A. Such events should become regular annual or bi-annual activities.
  • Establishment of the presence of a common stand (of the 7 countries) for the MD in at least one or two major food exhibitions in Europe (EXPO, SIAL, ANUGA, etc.)
  • Exploring various EU Programs, e.g. for research and promotion of quality agricultural products, for submitting common transnational proposals, etc
  • Presenting the existing DVD for the MD (of the inscription file) in related promotional activities organized by Ministries, Embassies, etc.
  • Cooperating with relevant cultural networks, such as “wine roads”, “olive roads”, museums, etc dedicated to the promotion of agricultural traditions, in order to run joint awareness-raising campaigns
  • Undertaking actions to promote the MD as an environmentally-friendly dietary pattern.
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